We are looking for specific questions of general interest, such as:

“Devise an algorithm to decide if a bipartite POVM can be approximately realized via LOCC operations”.

“Are there Bell inequalities with finitely many inputs and outputs whose maximal quantum value can only be achieved by infinite dimensional quantum systems?”

“Find an example of bipartite bound information”.

Our team will not consider questions which are:

  1. Too vague/unrealistic. E.g.: “Derive all quantum algorithms”.
  2. Too narrow. E.g: “Find a proof of multiplicativity for the two-Pauli qubit channel which does not use unitary equivalence to channels with negative multipliers.”
  3. Completely irrational. E.g.: “Can I use Bell’s theorem to reanimate the dead?”.

If you believe that your problem qualifies, please contact Miguel Navascues to send a clear formulation, together with a couple of paragraphs motivating the question.